A Terrific Story About Castaway Kids or How a Society Works

Have you ever considered a situation where you find yourself on a deserted island and have to survive? I’m sure that most of us have. Lately, this particular topic has been largely discussed and explored. Numerous movies, video games, and reality shows about survival are very popular nowadays. However, today I would like to bring to your attention a very unusual book. Its storyline also takes place on a deserted island; however, its characters are faced with far more serious problems than a mere survival.  They also learn how to remain humans during hard times and horrible challenges. Today I would like to tell you about the “Lord of Flies” by William Golding.

The story has a really magnificent and, at the same time, terrifying plot. From the very beginning it captures the reader’s attention and holds it till the end. The narration begins on the coast of an inhabitant island. The author tells us that during an unknown war, a plane carrying a group of boys, crashes by the deserted island. The kids are the only survivors. In the beginning, they try to collaborate and make up some rules in order to survive and send a signal to the ship or a plane in case one passes nearby. However, after some time passes, one of the power hungry boys decides to overthrow the current leader by building his own gang. He uses fear, intimidation, and manipulation to convince other boys follow his lead. The budding conflict leads to a scary and bloody fight between a group of the three kids who try to think logically and follow the rules and a large group of those who abandon the rules of the society and turn into savages led by instincts.

There are numerous problems and questions presented in the book. First of all, the author shows us how people from good and educated families can become violent and uncontrolled under certain circumstances. He tells us how a single person can put an entire society in great danger, led by a simple desire to rule. The book also illustrates how easily one can abandon personal beliefs and societal norms and follow the crowd instead of using their own judgement.

Overall book has a very strong plot, but what’s more important, it presents readers with very important and deep problems. The book left a great impression on me, and the author’s thoughts regarding fragile society norms are amazing. It is no surprise that after publishing it soon became very popular.


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