One of the First Dystopia Books

Lately dystopia books have gained a lot of popularity. However, very few people realize that the origin of this genre goes back all the way to the 16th century.   but the writing was a lot different from what we call an antiutopian book today. The books that gave a modern spin to this genre were created at the beginning of 20th century. Thus, today I would like to discuss the novel “We” written by Yevgeny Zamyatin, which is considered to be one of the dystopia classics.

The book describes a totalitarian society, where everyone is being watched, and the concept of privacy does not exist. People live behind the Green wall, which separates their state from the other world covered with forests. Citizens live in huge glass buildings and are constantly watched by their government. There is no place for families or love in their lives. People don’t have names. All they have is serial numbers. One should mention that the society described in the book has very advanced technologies. During the whole book, it is said that they are building a spaceship named “Integral” to conquer the space. The main character is one of the people who are building it. He is proud of what he is doing. However, one day he meets a woman with a number I-303 who totally changes his life It appears that she is one of the leaders of a rebellion group, which plans to destroy the Wall and reunite people from the outside with the rest of society.  The main character is in panic and wants to tell everything to the government, but he can’t do it. There is something inside him that doesn’t let him do it. He understands that there is something wrong with their system and society. He helps his friend with her plan, and people and animals get inside the State territory. In fact the government makes sure that people undergo routine “maintenance” surgeries during which their emotions are completed wiped away. Unfortunately, after the routine surgery, the main character loses all of his emotions.  He no longer remembers his friend, and he feels obligated to report her to the government.   The government captures and tortures I-303, but she dies without telling her secrets. However, it is obvious that the rebellion will continue, and the government won’t be able to stop it.

All in all, I want to say that the book is well written and has a great storyline. It provides a great explanation of a totalitarian society and its negatives outcomes.   However, it doesn’t tell us whether the rebellion will succeed or will be destroyed thus, leaving plenty of room for our imagination.


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