“The Green Mile” by Stephen King.

When people hear the name of Stephen King, they usually associate it with horror stories. However, this author wrote books in other genres. Unfortunately, people barely know them, even though films based on them, are very popular. Today, I would like to tell you about Stephen King’s “The Green Mile”.

The plot of the story begins in the nursing home where the main character, Paul Edgecombe, spends his final days. He tells a story that happened to him a long time ago in the days when he was working. When he was young, he worked as a supervisor of the death row’s block. One day, an incredibly huge prisoner whose name was John Coffey, was brought to his block. He was sentenced to death for killing two girls. However, soon Paul figured out that John was innocent; moreover, it appeared that he had incredible healing powers with which he helped the main character to get rid of his urinary tract infection. It is also important to mention two other characters: a new employee Percy who was the governor’s wife nephew and another prisoner, called “Wild Bill” by the guards, who was an insane murderer. Percy was a wicked and cruel person. Once, he stepped on Mr. Jingle, a mouse that lived in prison and was considered by guards as a small pet. However, Coffey used his powers and saved the animal. One time, Paul with his friends smuggled John out of prison, so he could help to heal their boss’ dying wife. They successfully did it, but when they returned to prison, John caught Percy and passed the disease on to him. Percy became mad and killed Bill, who appeared to be the one who committed the crimes, for which Coffey was sentenced to death. After this accident, Percy was put into asylum, and John’s execution took place. Paul and the guards cried during it because they knew they were executing an innocent person. A lot of years went by, but Paul and Mr. Jingles were still alive. They never got sick after those events. Paul even survived a terrible bus crash that killed his wife, and right after the crash he saw Coffey’s ghost. In the end of the story, the author tells us that Mr. Jingles died after about 60 years of his life, but Paul was still alive, wondering when his time will come.

In conclusion, I want to say that this book is one of the best books written by Stephen King. In the book, he touched upon many philosophical questions such as what is life and what is death, and what is right, and what is wrong. This book left a great impression on me, and I strongly recommend it to you.



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