“Hobbit” by Tolkien

In one of my previous blogs about King Aurthur and his knights, I mentioned the name of J. R. R. Tolkien. Today I would like to talk about this author and his books. J. R. R Tolkien was a university professor and a very talented writer who wrote many books in different genres. Some of his books, such as “Beowulf”, are influenced by the old English literature and Scandinavian mythology. Others reflect his experiences from the World War 1. Tolkien is also considered to be one of the founders of the fantasy genre. He wrote numerous books that are very popular nowadays. Today, I would like to talk about his book “Hobbit, or There and Back Again”.

The story tells us about an adventure of Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit who lived in the Middle Earth. One time, an old friend of his family, wizard Gandalf, visited him. Bilbo didn’t like unexpected guests and did his best to make him leave as soon as possible. However, the wizard tricked him and left a sign on his front house door. Later in the evening, a group of dwarfs came to Bilbo. Gandalf told them that the hobbit was a burglar, whom they needed for their dangerous journey to the Lonely Mountain. The dwarfs were looking for a treasure in the mountain that was guarded by a fierce dragon. Bilbo decided to take a chance and join the dwarfs in their adventure. During their journey, Bilbo and his friends ran into many dangerous situations, fought many battles, and finally found the hidden treasures. During this expedition Bilbo completely changed as a person. He was no longer a small hobbit afraid of the world, but a warrior ready to face any difficulties that came his way.

All in all, I want to say that the book described above is a good introduction to the fantasy genre and the Middle-earth universe,created by Tolkien. Even though it is considered a children’s book it is loved by millions of adults all over the world. If you like fairytales and adventures, you should definitely read it.


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